Downton Doppelgangers


The entire time binge watching Downton Abbey a couple weeks ago I had the strangest feeling that I’ve seen all these people before. Each season, as new characters were introduced, I was struck with the feeling that I knew them. Finally, I caught up entirely and had to share my findings with the world. Yes, I know everyone thinks that….

Election Idea: Joke Candidates


The problem with a democracy is that half of any population is below average. Do you really want them having so much power? Election laws that would prevent people from voting on any basis, even intelligence, would be flawed. However, I’ve worked out a system that I believe could truly help the outcomes of America’s elections. The solution is simple:….

Must Reads:

Five Causes of Your Unemployment

Out of a job? Wondering why? I talk about some of the reasons you're not finding work. This isn't so much about the economy as it is about you. Yes, you might be the problem. Sorry.

Five Ways to Stop Feeling Lonely

Lonely? Well, you don't have to be. No, I'm not offering to be your friend. I do have advice for you to help your feelings of loneliness, though. Check them out.

The First Sentence

I wrote this. It's about 3,000 words and is possibly the first chapter of a potential novel. You'll enjoy it, especially if you're into writing about writing. It's rather meta.

Threats to Our Independence

Having a Republic is hard work. Who knew? Well, ours is on the decline and here's what is eroding away our freedom.

Six New Twitter Problems

Gah! Twitter's website updated, and it's a mess. So many issues. Here are the most annoying six. Read this and tweet your congressman. These issues need to be addressed!

Draw Something Cheat and Strategies

I know nobody is playing Draw Something anymore, but I have some cute pictures. So, check it out. And maybe the cheat is still valid too. I don't know since I, like you, no longer play.

Oh No! My Child is an Atheist!

Reading the Bible

Atheists are a fast-growing segment of the American population, and that means many parents will face the terrifying news that their son or daughter is an A-word. It’s not what any God-fearing parent wants to hear, but it’s what awaits those unfortunate few who obviously neglected their Hail Marys. Don’t bother pulling out the rosary now. Not even God in….

Clayburn’s Big Adventure

Satin Dolls Strip Club

Those of you who know me know that I’m not a fan of doing things. So, my behavior last night was greatly out of character. It was brought about by a gentleman’s agreement between myself and a co-worker. Sam, a paid search specialist, would often suggest I go out to strip clubs. I would decline and counter-suggest he go to….

Children Are Our Future

When I grow up

66 Online Reputation Management Tips

Google Autocomplete

My favorite part of SEO is Online Reputation Management. It’s probably because I’m a narcissist. I could literally and figuratively Google myself all day long. It’s also a really fun and creative area. Every problem is unique and requires a custom solution. Unlike trying to get a website to rank for a bunch of keywords, manipulating the entirety of the….

Custom Domain Catch-All Email Address

at symbol

Fight Spam for $10 a Year Every website you use wants you to sign up for an account. And that means giving them your email address. Even if they’re a nice, friendly website, chances are you’re going to get unwanted correspondences from them. Who has time for that? I don’t want to archive 20 emails a day that, while they….

Allegories or Such


This is a collection of some tidbits I’ve written in the past. I didn’t think they’d work as standalone blog posts, but I wanted to share them. So, here you have it. Enjoy. The Muffin I saw a box on the side of the road. So, naturally I stopped to check it out, assuming it contained a muffin. I looked….