Downton Doppelgangers

The entire time binge watching Downton Abbey a couple weeks ago I had the strangest feeling that I’ve seen all these people before. Each season, as new characters were introduced, I was struck with the….

The problem with a democracy is that half of any population is below average. Do you really want them having so much power? Election laws that would prevent people from voting on any basis, even….

Atheists are a fast-growing segment of the American population, and that means many parents will face the terrifying news that their son or daughter is an A-word. It’s not what any God-fearing parent wants to….

Clayburn’s Big Adventure

Those of you who know me know that I’m not a fan of doing things. So, my behavior last night was greatly out of character. It was brought about by a gentleman’s agreement between myself….

My favorite part of SEO is Online Reputation Management. It’s probably because I’m a narcissist. I could literally and figuratively Google myself all day long. It’s also a really fun and creative area. Every problem….

Fight Spam for $10 a Year Every website you use wants you to sign up for an account. And that means giving them your email address. Even if they’re a nice, friendly website, chances are….

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