I like to chat up a woman and then not seal the deal, just to leave her confused. You can sense the anticipation in the goodbye.

The two of you meet casually at some place or event. Maybe you happen to sit next to her at a show. You make some idle chit chat and find out a bit about her. She’s happy divulging information about herself, appreciates the attention. The show starts, and obviously you can’t talk through it. So, now it’s just waiting.

Then, the end comes. You look at her. She says the show was nice, even though you both know it sucked. Negativity does not make for good banter. She begins walking away slowly, waiting for that question. “What’s your name?” “Can I buy you a drink sometime?” “If I said you had a great body would you hold it against me?” Smiling the entire, awkward way, she drifts further from you.

All the while you just stare at her with a polite smile and nod a sweet goodbye. That you want her is apparent in the body language, but she slips away into the night and lets you slip out of her romantic grasp.

Serves her right, that sexist vixen. The onus must not default onto me. Women, if they truly are of equal intelligence, are capable of asking for and remembering ten digits. Where is my Princess Charming?

  • Malfeasant

    I’ve had numerous women initiate with me.  Maybe you’re just not that great of a catch?

    • That’s probably the case, but I prefer to think of it as sexism. 

  • Acasiarabbit

    I initiate all the time and I get no return because I’m “too forward” which is intimidating.