Raindrops Keep Falling on Piers Morgan’s Head

I’m following several of my favorite celebrities on Twitter. After all, that’s the one true point of Twitter, isn’t it? Unfortunately, this sometimes means I’m let down by their online behavior. Usually it’s nothing major. Seth MacFarlane cracks a stupid joke. Jason Alexander references something of his that isn’t Seinfeld. Stephen Fry says something too Britishy for me to understand.

Today, though, one celebrity really got to me. It shouldn’t be a huge surprise, since that’s what he’s best at, getting on people’s nerves. That celebrity was Piers Morgan who apparently was stuck on a Delta plane for 40 minutes.

11:33 AM: My plane was 50 mins away from landing in Minneapolis for AGT auditions today, when it turned round and is now heading BACK to NY.

No big deal at first. It happens, right? Well, apparently not to Piers Morgan because the CNN host went on to post 11 more tweets (at the time of me writing this) complaining about his unfortunate predicament. And if there’s anything I want to hear on Twitter it’s the plight of millionaires.

Piers Morgan Tweets

A tear comes to my eye.

I get it. He’s pissed. So would the common man be, right?

I can’t unfollow the guy because he’s Piers Morgan, the first Celebrity Apprentice and otherwise brilliant man. However, I do have a big objection with his behavior. The sense of entitlement is highly uncalled for. Plane delays happen all the time, and we regular folk have to sit through just as much uncomfortable waiting. The biggest difference is that we don’t have enough money to buy our own jet and millions of people to complain to on air and via Twitter.

So, while I’m not advocating against his free speech, I am saying it’s in bad from. He’s bringing a lot of negativity on an unlucky pilot and the arbitrary airline he selected. Picking JetBlue or American Airlines wouldn’t have provided any better service or guarantee. They’re all slaves to the weather. And at least Delta reached out to him through their Twitter customer service handle.

They’re doing their best, and that’s all you can ask for when dealing with an Act of God. Blame the man upstairs if you have to vent. It’s not the airline’s fault for trying not to get everyone killed.

And seriously, Piers, buy a jet. I don’t want to have listen to you bitching about common man problems anymore. If you’re above them, buy a damn jet and prove it.

  • Helgareffle

    I don’t think that Pier’s meant to bring on any negativity to an unlucky pilot, but just wanted to twitter something , since he is new at it.