Gary Johnson on Reddit

Having been excluded unjustly from the Dartmouth debate, Governor Gary Johnson turned to where the people really are: the Internet. He tweeted during the debate and answered questions on Reddit. I know that to the uninitiated, Reddit can seem confusing, so hopefully this will simplify some things for you. Here are some highlights of his Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything):

On Occupy Wall Street:
Gary Johnson on Occupy Wall Street

On Ron Paul:
Gary Johnson on Ron Paul

On Potential Senate Run:
Gary Johnson on NM Senate Run

On Vetoes:
Gary Johnson on Spending Vetoes

On Gay Rights:
Gary Johnson on Gay Rights

On the War on Drugs:
Gary Johnson on the Drug War

On His First Action in Office:
First Action in Office - Gary Johnson

As of this posting, the AMA thread received 9,087 up votes and 7,602 down votes. It has 4328 comments. Governor Johnson made 31 comments so far, with an average of 225 up votes each. The Gary Johnson specific subreddit received an increase of 240 subscribers.

View his user page here and the entire AMA thread here.

  • Shea Mastison

    Great work piecing this together. I wish I didn’t have to work last night; would’ve been great to ask Gov. Johnson a question or two…

    • He’s still answering questions.  The last was 8 minutes ago: