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Inspired by a true story. Everything Clayburn. These posts are about Clayburn and those things in his life.

Clayburn’s Big Adventure

Those of you who know me know that I’m not a fan of doing things. So, my behavior last night was greatly out of character. It was brought about by a gentleman’s agreement between myself….

I Want a Stalker

The Internet has corrupted and destroyed much. Perhaps the most unfortunate consequence of our information superhighway is the loss of a once great art form. I’m of course referring to stalking. In the days of….


Socrates said that the unexamined life isn’t worth living. I’m not a fan of the guy myself, but this idea has always intrigued me. I may not be interpreting it correctly since I’m not much….

Reading Stuff

This blog post goes out to all you illiterate types out there. If this were a song, it would be your song. I’m not a big fan of books. It’s a matter of principle, really…..

Today I had a virtual run-in with Michael Strickland, a junior at NYU and the Director of Technology at its school paper, Washington Square News. He called me out on Twitter for posting an “insensitive….


I like to chat up a woman and then not seal the deal, just to leave her confused. You can sense the anticipation in the goodbye. The two of you meet casually at some place….

Black Friday

The Thanksgiving holiday has been getting me down. It’s depressing to see people thankful for things and not being truly thankful for anything myself. Thanksgiving is over, though, and today starts the Christmas season. I….

I despise all these self-centered surveys that float around blogs, bulletins and notes. But this one presented an intriguing challenge. So, here it goes. (The Beatles should be an easy one. I’d like to see….

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