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Downton Doppelgangers

The entire time binge watching Downton Abbey a couple weeks ago I had the strangest feeling that I’ve seen all these people before. Each season, as new characters were introduced, I was struck with the….

The problem with a democracy is that half of any population is below average. Do you really want them having so much power? Election laws that would prevent people from voting on any basis, even….

Bed, Teeth and Beyond

I had an accident in my bed today. It was the other guy’s fault. Technically I pulled out in front of him, but he had to have been going well over the speed limit. Assigning….

When you search Google, you usually see ads, but not all ads are alike. Some ads seem better. Stronger. Faster. Okay, maybe not faster, but you get the idea. There are some ads with extra….

American Values

What exactly are American Values? With a presidential election seemingly only decades away, this term is being thrown around a lot. Voters want their politicians to have American Values, as opposed to having American Liabilities….

Is Conan Gay?

It’s on your mind. Whatever your reasons, I won’t judge. I’m just here to answer the question: Is Conan gay? This isn’t a simple yes or no question. As it turns out, there are quite….

I’ve Googled many things in my life; it’s just one of my many talents. However, I’ve never had a need to search for a search engine. It makes sense. If someone has the means to….

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