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A few years ago the world was introduced to a woman it had no business knowing. A small-minded beauty pageant winner turned governor enthusiastically hopped onto the political stage. She was as unpolished as moose….

The Internets have been all atwitter lately with a rumor that China has released a “communist version of Twitter”. Unfortunately, no sources were included in the articles. Is this just crappy journalism or a fabricated….

Women Aren’t Asking For It

I always hear accusations that women don’t make as much money as men. “Women get paid seventy cents for every dollar a man gets paid for the SAME job!” I don’t see why they hired….

Now, We’re Even

For whatever reason, people who prefer Twitter to Facebook (yes, they exist) often claim that Facebook stole the tweet concept from Twitter and rebranded it as a status update. Well, now Twitter has stolen the….

At long last Twitter has come up with a way to make money! I always imagined they’d do it by opening up little shops across the globe and installing tremendous loudspeakers in them. Then, they….

I really hate all the blaming of “so-called” fans of Conan O’Brien. It was constantly repeated in Oprah’s discussion with her audience after the Interview with Jay Leno. Ninety-seven percent of her audience was on….

Coco Continued

I mentioned my position on the late night craziness earlier, but came across some interesting facts to post. First of all, I want to say that the future of television is going to be very….

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