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Gary Johnson on Reddit

Having been excluded unjustly from the Dartmouth debate, Governor Gary Johnson turned to where the people really are: the Internet. He tweeted during the debate and answered questions on Reddit. I know that to the….

Font expert, shark whisperer, hot sauce aficionado, animal impressionist, sandwich king of Cincinnati and more. Is there anything Steve Zampanides can’t do? Well, apparently he can’t appear on Conan. Despite having been booked nine times….

As anyone familiar with the Internet knows, there are many ways to waste your time on it. However, only an elite few know that the best time waster is Reddit. With thousands upon millions upon….

A Link to ‘Red Microblog’

Just last night, I called bullshit on US bloggers. Several self-proclaimed news sites reported on this same story about China launching a “Communist Twitter”. For some strange reason, not a single one of these sites….

Blogger Custom 404 Page

There have been a lot of complaints in Blogger help forums about the lack of a custom 404 (File not found) error page.  This is a big issue, not just for user experience, but also….

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