LEGO: Batman – The Riddler Chase

LEGO Set #76012

I’m a huge fan of The Riddler, so I had to get this set. It’s one of the only ways to get a Riddler minifigure, and it’s one of the better versions of him.

I also have the Two-Face Chase, so now I can play Batman Forever!

The big downsides seem to be across the board with the Batman sets. It seems like every Batman set is some sort of bat-vehicle chasing a villain vehicle. This means they don’t pair well with each other. I don’t have many Batman sets and I already have way too many Batmen. And I don’t understand the villain vehicles. Maybe it’s something in the new shows, but I don’t remember every Batman villain having their own iconic vehicles, and if that was the case it certainly wasn’t the main thing about them.

There are a couple of Batman sets that look promising, but they are both really huge and expensive. I wish there would be more focus on locations in this line, and not so much on the vehicles. The smaller sets are almost all vehicle sets. The Riddler Chase was particularly disappointing because it’s only two vehicles, and a random Flash for some reason. At least the Two-Face one came with a couple of henchmen and a bank to rob.

The other big disappointment in this set was the Riddler’s cane. It’s such an iconic part of the character, and the version they included in this LEGO set is more of a golden crowbar. It really should have been a custom part in the shape of an actual question mark.

LEGO Riddler

Riddle me this: why am I holding a crowbar?

However, the price isn’t so bad for this set. I really just wanted the Riddler, though. I could have done without another Batmobile and Batman and again, what’s with the random Flash? I don’t know. There are also decals on this set which I think I didn’t quite get centered. I hate putting on the decals, and on this set it seems particularly important that you get them just right because it’s really obvious when it’s off-center by even just a little.

I suppose if you’re a huge DC fan, then this is a good set to have at a low price. But if you’re looking for playability and variety, there are better sets to go with.

Minifigures: Batman, The Riddler, The Flash (Why?)

Pieces: 304

Recommended Ages: 6 to 12

Time to Complete: 1.5 hours

Price: $26.59 on Amazon

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