LEGO: Fountain

LEGO Set #40221

This was a promotional set in June 2016. It’s a nice quaint set, perfect for anyone who has a LEGO city or town. The minifigure is an interesting one. She’s a fairly generic person, but you’ll notice she’s wearing a press badge. She comes with a newspaper which she likes to read in the park. One wonders if she’s reading her own stories.

You also get some nice golden frogs in the set as well as a dog and a statue with interesting accessories. He comes with a medieval helmet, but that can be replaced with gray female hair making the statue a woman. However, the instructions have the female statue wielding a flag instead of a sword. I let her have a sword.

Female Statue


It doesn’t take long to build and for only 105 pieces, it manages to have a lot of impact. Flowers, a trashcan, a dog, a newspaper, a cookie, a bicycle, golden frogs, a transsexual statue and golden wings. If you missed out on the promotion, that’s too bad

Minifigures: Female Journalist, dog, statue

Pieces: 105

Recommended Ages: 7+

Released: 2016

Price: About $20 on Amazon

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