LEGO: Fun in the Park

LEGO Set #60134

This is an excellent set for minifigure collectors! It comes with 14 minifigures, plus a baby! The baby alone is worth it. Look at this cutie!

LEGO Mother with Baby

How are LEGO babies made?

Some of the minifigures are fairly generic. The female groundkeeper has the same body as the guy in the Flower Cart. Even though the minifigures are generic, there’s plenty of diversity among them. Glasses, freckles, mustaches, beards…a good variety of faces and styles. The bulk of this set’s value is in the minifigures. There isn’t that much else to the set really.

The scenery items are nothing too special. The Merry-Go-Round is a nice moving build, and you get a couple of trees, a picnic table a bench and a lawnmower. There’s a bus stop sign which is nice to have.

LEGO Fun in the Park Complete

Fun in the park!

Overall the price is a little high given the very limited scenery. If you only look at the minifigures, it comes out to about $2.80 per minifigure, which is not a bad price. The baby really makes it worth it though. The baby is a must have! Originally this set was priced at $40, but you can get a better deal on Amazon for the time being. Though I imagine resellers will be buying this up for parts. Last I checked, the baby was selling for over $3 on BrickLink.

Pieces: 157

Minifigures: Hot Dog Vendor, Old Man, Old Woman, Bicyclist, Groundskeeper Woman, Businesswoman, Handicapable Boy, Painter Woman, Soccer Boy, Soccer Girl, Merry-Go-Round Boy, Mother, Father, Daughter, Baby and Dog

Time to Complete: 1 hour

Price: $31.40 on Amazon

Recommended Ages: 5-12

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