LEGO: Gingerbread House

LEGO Set #40139

This is a promotional set available during the holiday season at LEGO Stores. It’s a limited 2015 edition and will likely run out soon. To get one, you have to spend over $99 at a LEGO Store or by ordering online from LEGO. The promotion kicks off November 27th for Black Friday, or rather “Brick” Friday.

LEGO Gingerbread House Box

Warning: Do Not Eat.

This last Friday was a special VIP day at LEGO Stores with double points and early access to the Gingerbread House promotional set. I picked up a couple of Jurassic World sets and a Pirate set to bring my total over $99 to qualify for the free Gingerbread House. I was excited to put it together and add to my holiday LEGO decor.

It’s a little more complicated than you would expect. Lots of little pieces that can be time-consuming. The base also seemed to lack enough support in my opinion. It seemed like it would easily break apart as I fastened other parts of the house.

Once completed, you have a quaint little Gingerbread House. And it is little. Check out the Boba Fett for scale.

Boba Fett with Ice Cream

Frozen carbonite on a waffle cone.

This set doesn’t come with any minifigures, but it’s understandable since it’s not minifigure scale. That is probably a big bummer to many collectors, but easily fixed with a few extra pieces. On the plus side, it is a very nice-looking house with lots of great candy pieces. There are about 10 swirled top pieces and a few bubbles/ice cream ones. The color palette is interesting too with a lot of colors you don’t see that often. And you get a pie, which is awesome! There’s also a strawberry printed round piece that I’ve never seen before. You get one used in the set and there’s one provided as an extra.

For a free set, there’s nothing really to complain about. I wouldn’t spend the $30 or so asking price on eBay and the like, though. It’s a cute decoration, but probably not very useful or playable because of its tiny size. There are some nice pieces provided in the set, though.

Minifigures: None.

Pieces: 277

Recommended Ages: 7+

Time to Complete: 50 minutes

Price: Not available for retail sale, but listed around $30-40 on Amazon

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