LEGO: Helicopter Pursuit

LEGO Set #60067

I don’t know what it is about swamp people, but LEGO’s obsessed with them as criminals. So many of the cops and robbers sets seem to involve river boats and alligators. I’m not complaining; I’m just curious.

The helicopter in this set is particularly impressive. It’s a good size without being cumbersome. It doesn’t pair well with other sets, though, because the helicopter is huge compared to a lot of typical LEGO buildings and vehicles. This helicopter is about as long as the entire Coast Guard ship. I’m not a helicopter expert, though. Maybe giant helicopters exist in the real world. It just seems like this one can’t reasonably land on most LEGO buildings, but then it’s meant to land on water anyway.

LEGO Helicopter Size Comparison

Size matters.

I was also very interested in the updated alligator. This is the first LEGO alligator I’ve gotten in a long while, and they’ve changed in appearance significantly from the original LEGO alligators. Their color is much darker, and they have more nuanced modeling plus printed eyes! I like the simplicity of the original alligator, but I can’t deny that the new ones look great.

LEGO Alligator Old vs New

Now kiss.

The set does have quite a few decals, so you have to have a steady hand putting them on. If you manage to get them on well-enough, you’ll have a pretty good looking helicopter. The boat isn’t anything special, but it’s a decent boat. So many sets seem to include boats, jet skis and rafts that another boat becomes unnecessary. I’d have preferred more swamp land. The little bit of swamp that you build for hiding the criminal’s loot is rather underwhelming. It’s probably meant to be an add on to some other set. A swamp hideout would be nice, and is probably its own set already. I would have preferred that to having a boat.

LEGO Money Stash

It’s not a very big swamp.

The minifigures are nice. I love the state trooper style of cops but I wish there were more diversity among them. They all have the same “not amused” expression and big cop sunglasses. The pilot on the other hand is more like a typical City cop. One of the best things about this set is the female criminal. My minifigure collection is already short on women, so it’s great to get this unique one to add to it. She’s got a sly look on her face and is wearing typical prison stripes.

That’s my biggest complaint with these cops and robbers sets of late, though. Why the stripes? It feels rather cartoonish. Criminals don’t wear prison outfits unless they’ve recently escaped prison. If they’re out robbing ATMs and hiding out in the swamp, surely they would have thought to change into something less conspicuous.

Minifigures: State Trooper, Police Pilot, Female Criminal, Alligator

Pieces: 253

Time to Complete:

Recommended Ages: 5-12

Price: $30.08 on Amazon

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