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LEGO Set #40145

This LEGO set is a promotional item unavailable for purchase. I won it as part of an anniversary event for the Flatiron LEGO Store in NYC.

LEGO Brand Retail Store Complete

Welcome to the LEGO Store!

It’s a very cool set made even cooler by its exclusive nature. For hardcore collectors, this set would surely be high on the wishlist.

It only comes with one minifigure which is a fairly basic one. She has no LEGO branding on her or anything that differentiates herself as a store clerk. She could just as easily be a patron. It would have been nice to have a minifigure that is clearly a LEGO Store Brick Specialist with a yellow apron and a LEGO logo. But it was a free promotional set, so I’m not going to complain too much!

The store itself is great with two walls of LEGO sets. You have to apply decals to bricks to make them look like LEGO sets on shelves. And the pick a brick station is a colorful addition behind the counter. In the window display we have a big red LEGO brick and a toy helicopter. There is also a random penguin built on a display shelf inside the store.

If you have a LEGO town, this would definitely be a great addition.

You can buy this set for $170 or so on sites like eBay, but if you want to obtain it for free then you’ll need to watch out for special promotional events at your local store. They seem to be given away for grand openings and anniversaries.

Time to Complete: 2 hours

Recommended Ages: 7+

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  • LEGOModular

    I think it’s not a briefcase, but a plastic LEGO bag.

    • Yes, you’re right. I realized it a couple days after I built it. That means she’s a customer, which means nobody is running the shop! TAKE ALL THE LEGOS!