LEGO: Minecraft – The Farm

LEGO Set #21114

This is a great companion set to The First Night. Together, you end up with a pretty good representation of Overworld life in Minecraft. The only thing missing is a zombie. With The Farm, you get a sheep and a cow, and a fence to put them in. This set also includes a crafting table, bread and chest, as well as a Steve. All of those are in The First Night, so you’d be doubling up some. However, this Steve brandishes a shovel instead of an axe.

The Skeleton Archer is a great figure. It looks creepy, though not quite as creepy as Endermen. The birch tree is also a nice touch, with white bark that stands out in the typical green and brown of the landscape. I was impressed with the water, which genuinely looks to be flowing in the blocky Minecraft sense, and I may consider getting another set with more water (or building my own from regular LEGO bricks) to give Steve a more complex irrigation system.

The biggest disappointment is that you only get one carrot. It’s a pretty cool piece, as is the pumpkin. Unfortunately the set comes with about seven plant stems/sprouts, but only one carrot and one pumpkin. I’d have happily traded in the chest, crafting table and bread for some more pumpkins and carrots.

Minifigures: Steve, Skeleton, Sheep, Cow

Pieces: 262

Time to Complete: 1 hour

Recommended Ages: 8+

Price: $23.99 on Amazon

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