LEGO: Mystery Mansion

LEGO Set #75904

This is a great set with some wonderful minifigures and nice set pieces. The mansion itself has three sections. The front door and clock tower houses Dracula and a pretty gruesome spikey ball hidden and waiting to gruesomely murder any intruders. There is a conservatory with a carnivorous plant. And a dirty kitchen with a rat and tasty-looking hamburger.

The villains are the aforementioned Dracula along with a Ghost and a Knight. Each has a double sided head. One side is there spooky alter-ego and the other is their true identity, revealed after the meddling kids and their dog foil their evil plot.

There is no Fred from the Scooby Doo gang, which is a bit disappointing. But given how unbalanced the gender ratio tends to be with LEGO minifigures, it’s great getting two women. Both are double sided, which I’ve found is pretty common with female heads. It makes it almost impossible for me to make a custom female with any kind of head accessory that doesn’t cover the back of their head (and consequently their second face). But the two expressions are fun to have. The Scooby Doo is a standing one, which makes him a bit hard to fasten down onto LEGO studs. A back paw and front paw both have about a quarter to half of a LEGO female connection, meaning he can stand on platforms that are big enough for the whole body. But he can’t stand on his hind or front legs alone.

Scooby’s head comes off and can be replaced with other Scooby Heads (or other things entirely). Right now the only other LEGO Scooby I have is from LEGO Dimensions.

I built this set for Halloween and it was a big inspiration in my Minifigure Halloween Party. The mansion itself works great as a building exterior, and the jackolaterns are amazing pieces to have. They look particularly creepy when used as a minifigure head (see the Daphne picture below). I’m not a huge Scooby Doo fan, though I did watch it growing up as a kid. So there’s a nice bit of nostalgia to it, but even non-fans should enjoy this set for its size and variety. The only annoyance for me was the decals, which I have a hard time getting straight.

Pieces: 860

Minifigures: Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, Ghost, Knight, Dracula

Time to Complete: 4 hours

Recommended Ages: 6-12

Price: $89.42 on Amazon

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