LEGO: Service Truck

LEGO Set #60073

Sets like these make me wish I had a big space to build a whole LEGO town in. This set is perfect for giving some personality and fun to your LEGO City. It’s not a big set, but it does manage to pack a lot of interesting things in nonetheless.

If I had to really really reach for something negative to say about it, my complaint would be that the truck has no proper seats. Your LEGO people just have to stick their butts to the floor of the cab like barbarians!

LEGO Service Truck Complete

The completed set.

The best thing about this set is the amazing porta-potty. It’s incredible how toilet-like it manages to be with such a minimal use of bricks. And in keeping it small, it reflects the confining nature of real life porta-potties. I’d love to have several copies of it as they’d be great for a large construction site or some outdoor event.

A LEGO Porta-Potty

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

The porta-potty is easily hooked an maneuvered about with the crane that comes attached to the service truck. The small trailer that connects to the drunk can be used to carry all sorts of things. So if you want use it for other purposes, no problem! You also get a nice green trash can, a broom and a shovel on the truck. The construction guy comes with a jackhammer, which I found difficult to position into his LEGO hands well. You also get two construction rails/barriers thrown in the back of the truck for your LEGO people to place nearby, protecting them from any LEGO traffic near their work zone. Safety first!

The two minifigures are pretty straightforward, but the construction worker has a really great facial expression. It’s all in the eyebrows (see the pictures below). The Foreman is a great addition to your construction crews adding some hierarchy to your workforce.

There are several stickers in this set, but fortunately they don’t look bad if you’re a little uneven with it. Most are rectangles, which are easy enough to stick onto a brick straightish. There are also a couple of round stickers, which are difficult for me to center properly, but the background of the decal matches the color of the block, so being off a bit doesn’t make much difference.

Minifigures: Construction Worker and Foreman

Pieces: 233

Time to Complete: 40 minutes

Recommended Ages: 5 to 12

Price: $19.99 on Amazon

Released: 2015

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