Hey there, peoples. So, I started writing about fixing the world, and it got to be a bit lengthy. Everybody loves lists, though. That’s why I decided I would just make a list of things,….

I despise all these self-centered surveys that float around blogs, bulletins and notes. But this one presented an intriguing challenge. So, here it goes. (The Beatles should be an easy one. I’d like to see….

Two of the most powerful Planeswalkers the Multiverse has ever seen both converged on the Facebook plane one fateful night. This is the epic tale of Abhinav the Sharaabi, an expert wielder of artifacts and….

My New Web Log

I’m currently working on my new website, http://www.clayburngriffin.com. So, I also decided that it was about time I update my blog. So, here is my new and improved blog. It’s still a work in progress,….

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