Downton Doppelgangers

The entire time binge watching Downton Abbey a couple weeks ago I had the strangest feeling that I’ve seen all these people before. Each season, as new characters were introduced, I was struck with the feeling that I knew them. Finally, I caught up entirely and had to share my findings with the world. Yes, I know everyone thinks that Mary Crawley looks like Keira Knightley, but I don’t see it. I think they’re just familiar with Keira Knightley playing period piece damsels. However, literally everyone else on the show is a slightly odd-looking version of someone real. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, whether you see the resemblances in these Downton Abbey lookalikes or not.

Here is my list of Downton Doppelgangers:

Anna Bates looks like Chloe Sevigny
Anna Bates and Chloe Sevigny

Evelyn Napier looks like a young Hugh Grant
Evelyn Napier and Hugh Grant

Alfred Nugent looks like Todd from Breaking Bad
Alfred Nugent and Breaking Bad Todd

Daisy Robinson-Mason looks like a pale Alexis Bledel
Daisy and Alexis Bledel

Mr. Carson looks exactly like the Yellow Angry Bird
Mr. Carson and Yellow Angry Bird

Cora Crawley looks like Carla Gugino
Cora Crawley

Dr. Clarkson looks like Cliff Clavin of Cheers
Dr. Clarkson and Cliff Clavin

Edith Crawley is Michael Cera’s twin sister
Edith Crawley and Michael Cera

Ethel looks like SNL’s Vanessa Bayer (the one that plays Miley Cyrus)
Ethel and Vanessa Bayer

Isobel Crawley looks like Eric Idle (even when he’s not in drag)
Isobel Crawley and Eric Idle

Jimmy Kent looks like that guy from The Mentalist (Simon Baker?)
Jimmy Kent and the Mentalist

Lavinia Swire starred in Despicable Me 2 as Lucy Wilde
Lavinia Swire and Despicable Me Lucy

Matthew Crawley looks like an imperfect Ryan Gosling
Matthew Crawley and Ryan Gosling

Rosamund’s Lady Maid (Marigold Shore) looks like Christina Ricci
Marigold Shore and Christina Ricci

John Bates looks like the White Angry Bird (Especially after the “incident”)
Mr. Bates and White Angry Bird

Mr. Bates also looks like the baseball from the Sandlot
John Bates and Sandlot Baseball

Robert Crawley is a British Colm Meaney (who happens to be Irish)
Robert Crawley and Colm Meaney

Rose MacClare looks like this porn star
Rose MacClare and Christine Young

Sybil Crawley looks like a fugly Megan Fox
Sybil Crawley and Megan Fox

Tom Branson looks like Eric Murphy from Entourage (I don’t know which is which)
Tom Branson and Eric Murphy

William Mason looks like Jim Halpert
William Mason and Jim Halpert

Thomas Barrow looks like Christian Bale
Thomas Barrow and Christian Bale

The Dowager Countess looks and acts like Yoda (especially old Dagobah swamp Yoda)
Dowager Countess and Yoda

So what do you think? Did I miss anyone?

  • lola

    I think Sybil is much prettier than Megan, but that’s just my opinion.

    • fiveby10eighty3

      I second your opinion! And re: Matthew Crawley–he’s heaps more good-looking than Ryan Gosling.

  • Bobbi

    This is spot on!

  • BrrrdLady

    Ryan Gosling looks like an imperfect Matthew Crawley…..

  • Miopod

    Sybil looks like Susan Pevensie from Narnia movies and Thomas Barrow looks (and sounds) like Jesse Katsopolis from Full House.

  • Hope

    Maggie Smith and Yoda!? That’s horrible! PS. Christina Ricci does NOT have jowls like that lady…And Eric Idle and that older woman?! LOL hilarious..but that’s rough.

    You’re spot-on with Todd from Breaking Bad and his doppelganger– and same with Hugh Grant and his.

    And dude- that girl is FAR from “fugly” That’s not very nice. She’s cute.

    No one looks as good as Christian Bale. And if they do they’re discount Christian Bale and need a new face.