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This great new app from Clayburn simply replaces the familiar image on Google Analytic’s homepage with one of several random (and possibly better) ones. Tired of seeing Miriam every time you go to check your website’s performance? Now you don’t have to! You can be greeted by Iron Man, Ned Stark and more!

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This extension was updated in June of 2016 to work with the new design of Google Analytics. Please let me know if you have any problems. I’m leaving the rest of this page the same to reflect the original version. The concept is still the same, but the images and layout has changed somewhat.

What does this app do?

The app is simple. It replaces the image of Miriam, affectionately called Analytics Woman by me, with less beautiful but more kickass people (and possibly non-people).

Joker Google Analytics

Who’s Miriam?

Miriam Naficy is the CEO of Minted and graces the homepage of Google Analytics. She has an awesome last name and a delightful smile. Her forehead alone could easily launch a thousand ships. Here’s the picture you best know her from:

Miriam Naficy Google Analytics

What’s new in version 1.X?

Probably nothing. I’m not a good developer, and it took me X tries to get it right. The Chrome Web Store forces developers to update the version number when re-uploading.

What about privacy and stuff?

I don’t know how to collect your data, and if I did, I wouldn’t want it. The app requests access to “your data on” because the address affected by it is on Google’s domain. If there’s a way to change this permission requirement to sound less ominous and ambiguous and ubiquitous, someone please let me know.

Is it really called Analytics Woman?

For now it is. Some people don’t like the name. I’m open to suggestions. Feel free to tweet me a better one.

Want to remove Nicole Remington?

It does that too! No matter who is gracing the cover of Google Analytics, this plug-in will replace them with something better.

Comments, Questions and Feedback

I’m on Twitter, which is a good way to reach me.

However, you can also contact me here. I can’t promise I’ll be able to fix things if you encounter something broken. But I am open to feedback and suggestions and help! If you want to submit an image to add to a future version, by all means send it to me!

You can also comment below.

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  • lmao, this is awesome man. Thanks!

  • haha! Nicely done. Guess I’m not the only one who was getting sick of the image.

  • After using the extension, I noticed that the Miriam banner image shows and then is flashed over when the new banner image is loaded. One thing you could do to reduce this is package the new banner images in with the extension and then load them locally. Loading them locally would greatly decrease the time to cover up Miriam’s photo.

    • I think I fixed it. I should probably do the local loading, but instead I have it hiding the image altogether until after the switch. Let me know what you think of that solution. I would worry that even with loading them locally, the Javascript would take too long to fire resulting in seeing Miriam anyway.

      • Cool. Instead of hiding the image I would set the opacity to 0 so it doesn’t cause the layout to jump around. You should also use compressed jpg images for the banner. Could take your image sizes from 610KB to ~40KB or less.

        Looks like they have updated the banner image to rotate through some other images 🙂

        • Good idea. That’s interesting about the change from GA. I wonder if my extension prompted it!

  • Thanks for making the updates to the extension. It’s running much better and I’m loving it.

  • Andrew Martineau

    I endorse this extension.

  • Sandiego Pedro

    “Want to remove Nicole Remington? It does that too!”

    Talk about burying the lede…