LEGO: The Brick Bounty

LEGO Set #70413

I was really happy to see that the Pirates theme has returned. It was always my favorite as a kid. Unfortunately, this updated set isn’t nearly as awesome as
Brickbeard’s Bounty
, which is the original it is based on. That 2009 set was more in line with the original Pirate sets from 1989 through 1997. The biggest disappointments in this set are the lack of parrots and monkeys, and I think they’ve modernized the design a little too much. The detail seems too fine, which is perhaps a complaint born of nostalgia on my part. I miss the simpler look. And the ship doesn’t float!

However, it’s still an impressive set. I just wish it had a monkey. I like the Bluecoat soldiers. There seems to be more diversity than before. One of the minifigures is a generic soldier, but another is apparently a sergeant and has scruffy hair instead of a hat. And the admiral has an aristocratic wig. I’m also a big fan of the pirate cook, which again adds some nice diversity to the set. I’d like to supplement this with some generic pirates and standard soldiers, though. The cabin boy doesn’t have bendable legs, since he uses the shortened legs used for child/short minifigures. I’ve never been a fan of those since it limits their mobility. I’ll give him regular legs and he can be a cabin teenager.

The cannons fire by pulling on the rear piece and it springs forward, dislodging a round “cannonball”. However, there are only three cannons in this set despite five places in the ship for it. So the pirates have to work hard moving their cannons to optimal positions each battle! There is also a gun on the Bluecoats’ rowboat, like a small cannon. It fires little round pieces.

The ship has some secret compartments that aren’t too well designed. They’re both difficult to get to. The first is the captain’s cabin, located under the steering wheel and stern cannon. The cabin doesn’t have much going on. Nowhere to sit or sleep, really. It does have a map and a table with a bottle (of LEGO rum, I suppose). Underneath the table is the second hidden compartment, a place to hide treasure. Since the cabin is hard enough to get too because of the mast and sails, having the treasure hold located under the cabin adds even more difficulty. It’s an unfortunate design considering the rest of the ship is pretty open and flat.

Minifigures: Pirate Captain, Pirate Cook, Pirate First Mate, Pirate Cabin Boy Bluecoat Admiral, Bluecoat Sergeant and Bluecoat Soldier

Pieces: 745

Time to Complete: 3 hours

Recommended Ages: 7-14

Price: $93.79 on Amazon

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