LEGO: Minecraft – The Ender Dragon

LEGO Set #21117

I got this set for Christmas, which was great because it’s not the kind of set you get yourself. It makes for a good trophy, but it’s pricey for not a lot of variety. Most of the value is in the humongous and eponymous Ender Dragon. However, you do get a nicely armored Steve in a full diamond outfit. And there are three Enderman. But the Ender is fairly dull and uniform. The landscape is sand-colored blocks and three pillars.

This set does have some interesting special functionalities for a few pieces. You can make the Ender Dragon flap its wings with a button on its back. And the pillars contain a light source you can activate by pushing in the middle piece.

LEGO Ender Dragon Flapping Wings GIF

More pictures below!

It was really fun to build, and to photograph (as you’ll see by the 70+ pictures below, and those are just the ones I posted!) The Enderman are particularly photogenic with their glowing and frightening eyes. I’m surprised how well LEGO was able to recreate their quiet intensity. They also carry blocks! You do have to get the balance just right though if you don’t have them secured to a LEGO surface.

Minifigures: Steve, Enderman x3

Pieces: 634

Time to Complete: 2 hours and 27 minutes

Recommended Ages: 8+

Price: $55.99 on Amazon

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