LEGO: Minecraft – The First Night

LEGO Set #21115

Minecraft and LEGO are truly the perfect pairing. When I first started playing Minecraft, it was like my childhood dreams made reality, or at least virtual reality. Minecraft feels like living in a kind of LEGO world. Everything is blocky and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. So it makes complete sense that LEGO would release a string of Minecraft-themed sets. This is my second in the series and a nice contrast to the Ender Dragon set I already had. This set is quintessential Minecraft. While the Enderdragon is cool, most of your experience with Minecraft involves more of a home life, and the inevitable first experience is preparing for that First Night. Your first Minecraft house might not be much, but it’s got the basics and keeps the Creepers out.

This was a simple set to build. It’s really just a basic house, four walls and a roof. Then some bit of landscaping. Nothing too involved. The only moving parts are the door, gate and hinges that allow you to swing the whole house open to play inside like a Minecraft Barbie Doll Mansion. It would be nice to have gotten more minifigures. I really want a chicken! It does come with a pig, which unfortunately doesn’t include a saddle. You’ll also find a familiar LEGO chest, recolored to feel more Minecrafty, an adorable bed, a crafting table and a baguette almost as tall as Steve.

Minifigures: Steve, Creeper, Pig

Pieces: 408

Time to Complete: 1 hour and 13 minutes

Recommended Ages: 8+

Price: $31.99 on Amazon

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