LEGO: Parrot

LEGO Parrot Promotional Item

LEGO Set #30472

This is a promotional item that people with the 2016 LEGO Calendar can get free with any purchase. There is a coupon on the calendar that you may bring into the store. The offer is only valid through March 31st.

As a free product, it’s hard to complain. I’m never one to turn down free LEGOs!

It is a really nice creation, though. Very colorful and very fun. It even seems like a parrot once it’s all done. The wings are on ball-joints so you can position them however you’d like. I think it would make an excellent decoration for your office space. It would be a cute little conversation starter, I’m sure.

If you have the coupon, don’t miss out. Get into your nearest LEGO Store as soon as possible and make a purchase!

Check out the photos below.

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