LEGO: Space Starter Set

LEGO Set #60077

I love starter sets. They’re a great way to get theme-specific minifigures. This one has a good amount of diversity in the minifigures. The two space crewmen are interchangeable as astronauts and can easily fit into any space role. The mechanic could easily work at any site in need of a handyman, and the scientist could fit into any business environment. Four minifigures for such a low price is a great deal!

LEGO Space Minifigures

Four great figures, one low price!

The rest of the set is fairly forgettable, but there are some nice pieces. The computer and keyboard are the most interesting ones. It’s a shame they’re wasted on a dull computer station that for some reason is attached to a weird type of rock piece.

The little vehicle is simple, but nice. It has a radar and some movable light/scanner type pieces in the front. So while there isn’t a lot of versatility or utility in it, it does make for a simple and realistic transport for a launchpad site or some other space-related facility.

The two little standalone sets, a light pole and a camera, don’t seem particularly useful. I suppose they’ll make fine set decoration for a larger space scene, but I feel like you could easily do better with some pretty basic bricks.

Minifigures: Astronaut, Space Crewman, Mechanic, Female Scientist

Pieces: 107

Recommended Ages: 5-12

Time to Complete: About 25 minutes

Price: $7.99 on Amazon

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