Allegories or Such

This is a collection of some tidbits I’ve written in the past. I didn’t think they’d work as standalone blog posts, but I wanted to share them. So, here you have it. Enjoy. The Muffin….

I Want a Stalker

The Internet has corrupted and destroyed much. Perhaps the most unfortunate consequence of our information superhighway is the loss of a once great art form. I’m of course referring to stalking. In the days of….

With May coming to an end, I’ve decided to recount it through poetry. This poem was crafted using only queries from my search history (via Google) for the month of May. Enjoy. May Googles timeology….

Continued from Part One and Part Two “Touch it,” Mark said. The body on the floor looked smaller to Logan than the frightening Mr. Hornbuckle had when he was alive. Logan remembered when he first….

Continued from Part One The boys made their way to the house, carefully ducking behind fence and trees along the way. Mark was the first to arrive, touching the side of the house in victory…..

Logan was playing with a football out in the street with his friends. It was the middle of summer. They had nowhere else to be. Summer afforded them that opportunity. Throwing the football around was….

Like all of you, I’ve been playing Draw Something constantly. Even though Dan Porter is a jerk, it’s a good social game. I’m sure Zynga will find a way to manipulate the fun out of….

There are 7 billion people on this planet, and not a single one of them is thinking about you right now. You’re alone. And that can be depressing. And if you ever tell someone that….

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