LEGO: Winter Toy Shop

LEGO Set #10249

I was fortunate to have won this set free of charge as part of an anniversary event for the Flatiron LEGO Store. It’s a timely set perfect for the holiday season.

LEGO Toy Shop

Where toys go to buy toys?

It says “Expert” on the box, and they aren’t kidding. It’s a particularly complicated build. The tree was the hardest part and I’m still not certain I got it correct. The steps are very repetitive but with slight differences that can really trip you up. The toy shop is a little easier, but complicated by the several small pieces and details along the way. I think I managed to get it all well enough, and the remaining pieces looked to be typical spare parts.

I’m using this set as part of my holiday decorations along with the Christmas Train set. The toy shop is a nice little building and the park bench piece can easily belong anywhere. There are a lot of unique pieces in this set including a cat, the teddy bear, the street lights and Christmas wreathes. It also comes with several minifigures, including a basic LEGO head as part of the Jack in the Box. Three of the minifigures are children, so they come with short unbendable legs.

If you like getting into the holiday spirit with LEGO, then this is a great set to have. The carolers are also great for collectors as their facial expressions are rather distinct from typical LEGO heads. There is a light-up brick which illuminates the top floor window. However there really isn’t anything there to shine the light on. It’s just a workbench with some random toy on it that I can’t quite make out. It would have made more sense for the light to be part of a window display of some sort.

Pieces: 898

Minifigures: Male Caroler, Female Caroler, Shop Owner, Man, Woman, Skiing Boy, Helmet Boy, Snowboard Girl

Time to Complete: About 4 hours

Recommended Ages: 12+

Price: $120+ on Amazon

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